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Volume 15, Number 4—April 2009


Concurrent Chikungunya and Dengue Virus Infections during Simultaneous Outbreaks, Gabon, 2007

Eric M. LeroyComments to Author , Dieudoné Nkoghe, Benjamin Ollomo, Chimène Nze-Nkogue, Pierre Becquart, Gilda Grard, Xavier Pourrut, Rémi N. Charrel, Grégory Moureau, Angélique Ndjoyi-Mbiguino, and Xavier de Lamballerie
Author affiliations: Centre International de Recherches Médicales de Franceville, Franceville, Gabon (E.M. Leroy, D. Nkoghe, B. Ollomo, C. Nze-Nkogue, P. Becquart, G. Grard, X. Pourrut); Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France (R. Charrel, G. Moureau, X. De Lamballerie); Université des Sciences de la Santé, Libreville, Gabon (A. Ndjoyi-Mbiguino)

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Positive test results for CHIKV and DENV-2 among febrile patients, by town, Gabon, 2007*†

Towns No. patients tested No. CHIKV+ No. DENV-2+ No. CHIKV+/DENV-2+
Libreville 686 249 45 6
Ntoum 3 1 0 0
Kango 7 3 0 0
Mitzic 6 4 0 0
Oyem 45 15 2 1
Minvoul 7 3 1 1
Cocobeach 19 0 6 0
Total 773 275 54 8

*CHIKV, chikungunya virus; DENV-2, dengue-2 virus; +, positive.
†RNA was extracted from 50 µL of plasma by using the ABI Prism 6100 Nucleic Acid PrepStation according to the manufacturer’s recommended procedures (Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA, USA). Fifty-microliter aliquots of extracted RNA were then used in 100-µL High Capacity cDNA synthesis reactions according to the manufacturer’s instructions (Applied Biosystems). Finally, 10 µL of each cDNA reaction was then used as template for 50-µL quantitative PCRs that contained 200 nmol/L of probe and 900 nmol/L of each primer. The quantitative PCRs were then thermo-cycled in a 7500 Real-Time PCR system (Applied Biosystems) according to manufacturer’s recommended procedures. The probe used for the CHIKV, DENV, and DENV-2 assays were FAM-labeled with TAMRA quencher (Applied Biosystems).

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