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Volume 15, Number 4—April 2009

Animal Reservoir Hosts and Fish-borne Zoonotic Trematode Infections on Fish Farms, Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Lan AnhComments to Author , Nguyen Thi Phuong, K. Darwin Murrell, Maria Vang Johansen, Anders Dalsgaard, Luong To Thu, Tran Thi Kim Chi, and Stig Milan Thamsborg
Author affiliations: National Institute of Veterinary Research, Hanoi, Vietnam (N.T.L. Anh, N.T. Phuong, L.T. Thu); University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark (N.T.L. Anh, D. Murrell, M. Vang Johansen, A. Dalsgaard, S.M. Thamsborg); Research Institute for Aquaculture I, Tu Son, Bắc Ninh, Vietnam (T.T.K. Chi)

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Table 4

Total daily egg excretions and relative transmission index of domestic animals and humans, Nghe An Province, Vietnam, November 2005*

Species Total no. animals Prevalence, % Intensity, epg TDEE, 106 RTI, %
Humans 886,700 0.6† 215† 183 19
Dogs 332,039 35.0 25 288 31
Cats 141,254 48.6 66 91 10
Pigs 425,306 14.4 4 371 40

*Epg, eggs per gram; TDEE, total daily egg excretions; RTI, relative transmission index.
†Data obtained from Olsen et al. (5) and Annette Olsen (pers. comm.).

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