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Volume 15, Number 4—April 2009
The Amazon Region


Acute Conjunctivitis with Episcleritis and Anterior Uveitis Linked to Adiaspiromycosis and Freshwater Sponges, Amazon Region, Brazil, 2005

Marcia O. MendesComments to Author , Mario A.P. Moraes, Ernesto I.M. Renoiner, Marta H.P. Dantas, Tatiania M. Lanzieri, Carlos F. Fonseca, Expedito J.A. Luna, and Douglas L. Hatch
Author affiliations: Ministry of Health, Brasília, Brazil (M.O. Mendes, E.I.M. Renoiner, M.H.P. Dantas, T.M. Lanzieri, E.J.A. Luna); University of Brasília, Brasília (M.A.P. Moraes); Reference Hospital of Augustinópolis, Augustinópolis, Brazil (C.F. Fonseca); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (D.L. Hatch); Department of Public Health, Los Angeles, California, USA (D.L. Hatch)

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Table 4

Results of multivariate analysis of case–control data showing independent effect of type of exposures to Araguaia River and risk for confirmed ocular disease, Araguatins, Brazil, 2005*

Exposure to Araguaia River Household control group
Community control group
aOR (95% CI) p value aOR (95% CI) p value
Swimming 3.1 (0.4–26.8) 0.3 2.1 (0.2–19.4) 0.5
Diving underwater 4.6 (1.9–10.6) 0.0004 2.7 (1.1–7.1) 0.04
Visited Cais Beach 3.2 (1.4–7.1) 0.005 9.9 (4.3–22.9) 0.00001
Male gender 3.4 (1.6–7.2) 0.001 4.7 (1.9–11.0) 0.0004
Fishing in river 1.2 (0.5–2.7) 0.6

*Unconditional logistic regression model used. aOR, adjusted odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.

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