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Volume 15, Number 4—April 2009
The Amazon Region


Suspected Brazilian Purpuric Fever, Brazilian Amazon Region

Eucilene A. Santana-PortoComments to Author , Adriana A. Oliveira, Marcos R.M. da Costa, Amiraldo S. Pinheiro, Consuelo Oliveira, Maria L. Lopes, Luiz E. Pereira, Claudio Sacchi, Wildo N. Aráujo, and Jeremy Sobel
Author affiliations: Ministry of Health, Brasília, Brazil (E.A. Santana-Porto, A.A. Oliveira, W.N. Aráujo, J. Sobel); Municipal Secretariat of Health, Anajás, Brazil (M.R.M. da Costa); Secretariat of Health of Pará State, Belém, Brazil (A. Pinheiro); Ministry of Health, Belém (C. Oliveira, M.L. Lopes); Instituto Adolfo Lutz, Secretariat of Health of São Paulo State, São Paulo, Brazil (L.E. Pereira, C. Sacchi); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA (J. Sobel)

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Characteristics of 7 case-patients with suspected Brazilian purpuric fever, Amazon region, Brazil, August 2007*

Case- patient no. Sex/age, y Date of conjunctivitis onset Date admitted to hospital Hospitalization, d Antimicrobial drug treatment Date of death Type of sample(s) collected WBC/mL
1 M/2 Aug 1 Aug 5 <1 No Aug 5 NC NT
2 F/3 Aug 10 Aug 13 <1 No Aug 14 Blood 3,700
3 M/3 Aug 14 Unknown Unknown No Aug 21 NC NT
4 M/6 Jul 19 Aug 22 <1 No Aug 23 Blood 2,300
5† M/8 Unknown Sep 3 7 Yes CSF, conjunctival swab 9,060
6 F/4 Aug 23 Aug 26 <1 No Aug 26 CSF, blood‡ 2,000
7 F/4 Aug 31 Sept 3 12 Yes Oropharyngeal and conjunctival swabs, CSF, blood, serum 4,800

*Case-patients 5 and 7 underwent testing for dengue and yellow fever by immunoglobulin M antibody-capture ELISA, for dengue by reverse transcription–PCR, and for Neisseria meningitidis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Haemophilus influenzae serotypes a, b, c, and d and conventional PCR for detecting the ompP2 gene. All tests were negative. WBC, white blood cells; NC, not collected; NT, not tested; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid.
†Sample collected 20 days after admission.
‡Non-standard collection, transport, storage, or processing.

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