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Volume 15, Number 8—August 2009


Slave Trade and Hepatitis B Virus Genotypes and Subgenotypes in Haiti and Africa

Iris E. Andernach, Claudine Nolte, Jean W. Pape, and Claude P. MullerComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Institute of Immunology, Luxembourg, Luxembourg (I.E. Andernach, C.P. Muller); Groupe d’Etude du Sarcome de Kaposi et des Infections Opportunistes, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (C. Nolte, J.W. Pape); Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA (J.W. Pape).

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Table 1

Number of serum samples investigated, including suspected mixed and recombinant strains of HBV, Haiti*

Samples No. samples (no. partial sequences)
No. serum samples (HBsAg positive) available 320
No. serum samples PCR positive 247
No. serum samples for which sequences were obtained† 182
Full-length genome 68
Full preS fragment 57 (37)
Full S fragment 67 (19)
Full X fragment 67 (20)
Full C fragment 20 (34)
No. serum samples of suspected mixed strains 25
Full-length genome 10
Full preS fragment 8 (3)
Full S fragment 12 (2)
Full X fragment 10 (2)
Full C fragment 3 (3)
No. serum samples of suspected recombinant strains 6
preS fragment 3
S fragment
X fragment 3
C fragment

*HBV, hepatitis B virus; HBsAg, hepatitis B surface antigen.
†No. serum samples includes 3 outliers and excludes mixed or recombinant strains.

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