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Volume 16, Number 5—May 2010


Influenza Outbreaks during World Youth Day 2008 Mass Gathering

Christopher C. Blyth1Comments to Author , Hong Foo, Sebastiaan J. van Hal, Aeron C. Hurt, Ian G. Barr, Kenneth McPhie, Paul K. Armstrong, William D. Rawlinson, Vicky Sheppeard, Stephen Conaty, Michael Staff, Dominic E. Dwyer, and on behalf of the World Youth Day 2008 Influenza Study Group2
Author affiliations: Westmead Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (C.C. Blyth, H. Foo, S.J. van Hal, K. McPhie, D.E. Dwyer); WHO Collaborating Centre for Influenza Reference and Research, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (A.C. Hurt, I.G. Barr); New South Wales Department of Health, Sydney (P.K. Armstrong); Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney (W.D. Rawlinson); Sydney West Public Health Unit, Paramatta, New South Wales, Australia (V. Sheppeard); Sydney South West Public Health Unit, Camperdown, New South Wales, Australia (S. Conaty); North Sydney Central Coast Public Health Unit, Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia (M. Staff)

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Virologic data from laboratory-confirmed World Youth Day 2008 influenza cases*

Virus type/subtype Pilgrim country of origin, no. infections
Total no. infections
Australia Europe Oceania North America Other region or unknown
Influenza A (H1N1) (A/Brisbane/59/2007–like) oseltamivir resistant 14 6 (Germany, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland) 0 0 4 24
Influenza A (H1N1) (serotype unknown) oseltamivir sensitive 1 9 (Germany, Italy) 0 0 3 13
Influenza A (H3N2) (A/Brisbane/10/2007–like) 2 9 (Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Spain) 0 2 (USA) 1 14
Influenza A (subtype/serotype not available) 2 4 (Germany, France) 0 2 (USA) 2 10
Influenza B (B/Malaysia/2506/2004–like) 2 0 7 (Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Tonga, PNG) 3 (USA, Canada) 1 13
Influenza B (B/Florida/4/2006–like) 2 0 0 1 (USA) 1 4
Influenza B (serotype not available) 6 0 7 (Solomon Islands, PNG) 3 (USA, Canada) 6 22
Total 29 28 14 11 18 100

*PNG, Papua New Guinea.

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1Current affiliation: University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.

2Other members of the World Youth Day Study Group: V. Sintchenko, G.L. Gilbert (Westmead Hospital); N. Komadina, R. Shaw (WHO Collaborating Centre for Influenza):S. Adamson, J. Fizzell (New South Wales Health–Biopreparedness Centre); P.M. Fennell, F. Ba Alawi (Prince of Wales Hospital); S. Corbett, K. Weston, G. Truman, O. Nguyen, J. Paterson, S. Gabriel, C. Moreira, B. Forssman (Sydney West Public Health Unit); M. Cretikos, P. Maywood, V. Bowden, C. Lowbridge (Sydney South West Public Health Unit); and S. Williams, M. Torres, L. Heron (North Sydney Central Coast Public Health Unit).