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Volume 16, Number 9—September 2010


Tuberculosis Acquired Outside of Households, Rural Vietnam

Tran N. Buu, Dick van Soolingen, Mai N.T. Huyen, Nguyen N.T. Lan, Hoang T. Quy, Edine W. Tiemersma, Martien W. Borgdorff, and Frank G.J. CobelensComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Pham Ngoc Thach Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (T.N. Buu, M.N.T. Huyen, N.N.T. Lan, H.T. Quy); National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, Bilthoven, the Netherlands (D. van Soolingen); KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, The Hague, the Netherlands (E.W. Tiemersma); Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (M.W. Borgdorff, F.G.J. Cobelens)

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Characteristics of case-patients with exposure to tuberculosis within household, rural Vietnam, 2003–2006*

Patient no.
Age, y/sex
Previous treatment
Relationship to index case-patient

Comparison of strain type with that of index case-patient
Index case-patient
Household case-patient
Spoligotype (no. different spacers)†
Final classification
1 40/M No Brother Beijing EAI2-Manila Different (26) Different 12 Different
2 55/M No Brother NR Beijing Different (27) Different 10 Different
3 49/M No Brother EAI4-VNM EAI4-VNM Same (0) Different 4 Different
4 51/F No Spouse EAI4-VNM EAI4-VNM Same (0) ND 2 Different
5 48/M No Spouse Zero Zero Same (0) Same 0 Same
6 36/M No Brother Beijing Beijing Same (0) ND 1 Same
7 41/M No Grandson EAI5 EAI5 Same (1) ND 5 Different
8 41/M No Brother U EAI4-VNM Different (17) ND 2 Different
9 31/M No Brother EAI4-VNM NR Different (4) ND 4 Different
10 29/M No Brother EAI5 NR Different (5) ND 7 Different
11 72/M Yes Grandson EAI4-VNM Beijing Different (27) Different 13 Different
12 37/M No Son Beijing EAI5 Different (29) ND 7 Different
13 38/F No Spouse EAI4-VNM EAI2-NTB Different (16) Different 3 Different

*RFLP, restriction fragment-length polymorphism; VNTR, variable number of tandem repeats; EAI4-VNM: East African–Indian family, Vietnam genotype; NR, not represented in spoligotype database (10); ND, RFLP typing not done.
†Difference in the number of direct repeat spacers between the spoligotypes of the index case-patient and that of the household case-patients. Genotypes based on spoligotyping in accordance with classification by Brudey et al. (10).
‡No. loci with different alleles.

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