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Volume 17, Number 1—January 2011


CTX-M–producing Non-Typhi Salmonella spp. Isolated from Humans, United States

Maria Sjölund-KarlssonComments to Author , Rebecca Howie, Amy Krueger, Regan Rickert, Gary Pecic, Kathryn Lupoli, Jason P. Folster, and Jean M. Whichard
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (M. Sjölund-Karlsson, J.M. Whichard); Atlanta Research and Education Foundation, Decatur, Georgia, USA (R. Howie, A. Krueger, R. Rickert, G. Pecic, K. Lupoli, J.P. Folster)

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Characteristics of non-Typhi Salmonella isolates harboring blaCTX-M genes reported to the National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System, United States, 2007*

Isolate no. Serotype Submitting state Resistance pattern CTX MIC,
mg/L bla genes qnr
gene Foreign travel association Transferable
AM33608 Typhimurium SC AMP, AUG, CHL, CTX, NAL, SUL, SXT, XNL 64 CTX-M-5, OXA-1 ND No
AM32667 I 4,5,12:i:– CT AMP, CTX, XNL 64 CTX-M-55/57 No Yes
AM32764 Concord OR AMP, CHL, CTX, GEN, STR, SUL, SXT, TET, XNL 64 CTX-M-15, SHV-12 qnrA1 Ethiopia No

*CTX, ceftriaxone; AMP, ampicillin; AUG, amoxicillin-clavulanic acid; CHL, chloramphenicol; NAL, nalidixic acid; SUL, sulfamethoxazole or sulfisoxazole; SXT, trimethoprim–sulfamethoxazole; XNL, ceftiofur; –, none detected; ND, not determined; GEN, gentamicin; STR, streptomycin; TET, tetracycline.

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