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Volume 17, Number 1—January 2011


Possible Interruption of Measles Virus Transmission, Uganda, 2006–2009

Frederick N. BaliraineComments to Author , Josephine Bwogi, Henry Bukenya, Ronald Seguya, Theopista Kabaliisa, Annet Kisakye, William B. Mbabazi, and Sheilagh B. Smit
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: University of California, San Francisco, California, USA (F.N. Baliraine); Uganda Virus Research Institute, Entebbe, Uganda (J. Bwogi, H. Bukenya, R. Seguya, T. Kabaliisa); Uganda National Expanded Program for Immunization, Entebbe (A. Kisakye); World Health Organization, Kampala, Uganda (A. Kisakye); Management Sciences for Health/Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems, Juba, Sudan (W.B. Mbabazi); National Institute for Communicable Diseases, Johannesburg, South Africa (S.B. Smit)

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Epidemiologic data associated with measles virus isolates analyzed, Uganda, 2006‒2009*

Isolate name District Patient age, mo Measles vaccine doses Vaccination card seen Date of onset Interval, d† Measles IgM GenBank accession no. Identity‡
MVi/Bushenyi.UGA/43.06 Bushenyi 19 1 No 2006 Oct 4 Pos GU952229 A
MVi/Hoima.UGA/7.09/1 Hoima 36 X No 2009 Feb 5 Pos GU952246 B
MVi/Hoima.UGA/7.09/2 Hoima 36 X No 2009 Feb 2 Neg B
MVi/Kampala.UGA/26.06/1 Kampala 30 X No 2006 Jun 1 Pos GU952239 A
MVi/Kampala.UGA/26.06/2 Kampala 36 X No 2006 Jun 4 Pos A
MVi/Kampala.UGA/26.06/3 Kampala 18 0 No 2006 Jun 2 ND GU952237 C
MVi/Kasese.UGA/7.07/1 Kasese 25 0 Yes 2007 Feb 2 Pos GU952245 A
MVi/Kasese.UGA/7.07/2 Kasese 240 X No 2007 Feb 3 Pos A
MVi/Kitgum.UGA/28.06 Kitgum 60 2 No 2006 Jul 3 Pos GU952235 A
MVi/Mukono.UGA/26.06 Mukono 96 0 No 2006 Jun 1 Pos GU952238 D
MVi/Mukono.UGA/29.06 Mukono 276 X No 2006 Jul 3 Pos GU952233 E
MVi/Mukono.UGA/47.06 Mukono 48 1 Yes 2006 Nov 1 Pos GU952243 F
MVi/Wakiso.UGA/26.06 Wakiso 36 2 No 2006 Jun 1 Pos GU952240 A
MVi/Wakiso.UGA/27.06 Wakiso 96 0 No 2006 Jul 1 Pos GU952236 C
MVi/Wakiso.UGA/29.06 Wakiso 33 0 Yes 2006 Jul 1 Pos GU952234 A
MVi/Wakiso.UGA/31.06/1 Wakiso 19 1 No 2006 Jul 1 Pos GU952232 G
MVi/Wakiso.UGA/31.06/2 Wakiso 25 0 No 2006 Aug 2 Pos GU952231 A
MVi/Wakiso.UGA/32.06 Wakiso 11 X No 2006 Aug 1 Pos GU952230 A
MVi/Wakiso.UGA/41.06 Wakiso 27 0 No 2006 Oct 1 Pos GU952241 A
MVi/Wakiso.UGA/45.06 Wakiso 120 2 No 2006 Nov 2 Pos GU952242 H
MVi/Wakiso.UGA/49.06 Wakiso 216 1 No 2006 Dec 2 Pos GU952244 A

*All were genotype B3.1. IgM, immunoglobulin M; pos, positive; neg, negative; X, unknown; ND, not done.
†Time between rash onset and sample collection.
‡Nucleotide sequences sharing the same letter are identical.

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