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Volume 17, Number 8—August 2011


Asymptomatic Primary Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Infection among Adults

Yanis L. Tolstov, Alycia Knauer, Jian Guo Chen, Thomas W. Kensler, Lawrence A. Kingsley1, Patrick S. Moore1, and Yuan Chang1Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (Y.L. Tolstov, A. Knauer, T.W. Kensler, L.A. Kingsley, P.S. Moore, Y. Chang); Qidong Liver Cancer Institute, Jiangsu, People’s Republic of China (J.G. Chen); Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA (T.W. Kensler)

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Table 4

MCV prevalence among 200 Qidong, China, residents with and without hepatitis B virus surface antigen and hepatitis B virus core antibodies*

Characteristic† No. residents MCV positive, no. (%) MCV negative, no. (%)
HBsAg positive/B core antibody positive 84 51 (61) 33 (39)
HBsAg positive/B core antibody negative 9 5 (56) 4 (44)
HBsAg negative/B core antibody positive 8 6 (75) 2 (25)
HBsAg negative/B core antibody negative 99 70 (71) 29 (29)

*MCV, Merkel cell polyomavirus, HBsAg, hepatitis B virus surface antigen.
†NS for comparison of either HBsAg or hepatitis B core antibody with MCV positivity.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.