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Volume 18, Number 5—May 2012


Human Adenovirus Type 7 Outbreak in Police Training Center, Malaysia, 2011

Mohd Apandi YusofComments to Author , Tengku Rogayah Tengku Abdul Rashid, Ravindran Thayan, Khairul Azuan Othman, Norhasnida Abu Hasan, Norfaezah Adnan, and Zainah Saat
Author affiliations: Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Patient information and adenovirus PCR results on samples from police trainees with acute respiratory disease from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2011*

Patient Age, y† Sample type PCR results
RP301/11‡ 22 T/A Pos
RP302/11‡ 25 T/A, antemortem Pos
Lung, spleen Pos
Kidney, liver, skin Neg
RP303/11 21 T/S Pos
RP304/11 23 T/S Pos
RP305/11 22 T/S Pos
RP306/11 22 T/S Neg
RP307/11 23 T/S Neg
RP308/11 22 T/S Neg
RP309/11 26 T/S Neg
RP310/11 24 T/S Pos
RP311/11 24 T/S Pos
RP312/11 22 T/S Pos
RP313/11 23 T/S Neg
RP314/11 26 Feces Neg
RP315/11 20 Feces Neg
RP316/11 25 Feces Neg
RP317/11 23 R/S Neg
RP318/11 22 R/S Pos
RP319/11 23 Feces ND
RP320/11 20 Feces ND
RP381/11‡ 25 Lung, PF, PE, serum Pos
CSF, heart, spleen Neg
Liver Neg

*T/A, tracheal aspirate; pos, positive; neg, negative; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; BMA, bone marrow aspirate; T/S, throat swab; R/S, rectal swab; ND, test not done; PF, pericardial fluid; PE, pleural effusion.
†All patients were male.
‡Fatal case.

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