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Volume 19, Number 1—January 2013


Characterization of Full Genome of Rat Hepatitis E Virus Strain from Vietnam

Tian-Cheng LiComments to Author , Yasushi Ami, Yuriko Suzaki, Shumpei P. Yasuda, Kumiko Yoshimatsu, Jiro Arikawa, Naokazu Takeda, and Wakita Takaji
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan (T.-C. Li, Y. Ami, Y. Suzaki, W. Takaji); Graduate School of Medicine, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (S.P. Yasuda, K. Yoshimatsu, J. Arikawa); Osaka University, Osaka, Japan (N. Takeda)

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Table 1

Oligonucleotides used in amplifying the complete genome of the rat HEV Vietnam strain, V-105*

Primers Product length, bp
Forward ORF1-F1 (1-21)† 5'-GCAACCCCCGATGGAGACCCA-3'‡
Reverse ORF1-R12 (4149-4171) 5'-GGCGGCCTCGAACTTCTCCTGAA-3'
Forward ORF1-F2 (11-30) 5'-ATGGAGACCCATCAGTATGT-3'†
Reverse ORF1-R1 (431-450) 5'-GTGCAAAAGGAAAGATCAGT-3'
Forward ORF1-F9 (388-408) 5'-AGCTAACAACATCCGCCGTTG-3'
Reverse ORF1-R10 (2197-2217) 5'-TGGGTTCGGTCGAAGGCCTCT-3'†
Forward ORF1-F16 (2080-2100) 5'-TGCAGCCGTTTATGAGGGAGA-3'
Reverse ORF1-R16 (3055-3075) 5'-CGCCATTCTGTGGGTTCTAGA-3'
Forward ORF1-F7 (2990-3009) 5'-GACCCAAGGCAGATCCCTGC-3'†
Reverse ORF1-R12 (4149-4171) 5'-GGCGGCCTCGAACTTCTCCTGAA-3'
Forward ORF1-F18 (3991-4011) 5'-ATTCACCACAGACGAGCCAGT-3'
Reverse ORF2-R21 (5079-5100) 5'-GGTGATAGCCAATTGGTAAGCT-3'
Forward F13 (4896-4915) 5'-AATAACACTCTGGGCTGTAG-3'
Forward primer Anchor-1: 5'-CCTCTGAAGGTTCCAGAATCGATAG-3'
Reverse primer ORF1-R14 (276-296) 5'-TAGACCTAGGGTGCGCACCGA-3'
Forward primer Anchor-2: 5'-GAATCGATAGTGAATTCGTG-3'
Reverse primer ORF1-R13 (200-220) 5'-AACACGCTGTACCGGATGCGA-3' 240

*HEV, hepatitis E virus; ORF, open reading frame.
†Numbers in a parentheses show the positions of primers corresponding to the entire genome of rat HEV V-105.
‡Primer designed based on rat HEV (GU345042).
§The PCR product was not detected.

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