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Volume 19, Number 8—August 2013


Aichi Virus in Sewage and Surface Water, the Netherlands

Willemijn J. LodderComments to Author , Saskia A. Rutjes, Katsuhisa Takumi, and Ana Maria de Roda Husman
Author affiliations: National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Bilthoven, the Netherlands (W.J. Lodder, S.A. Rutjes, K. Takumi, A.M. de Roda Husman); Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands (A.M. de Roda Husman).

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Table 2

Sample characteristics and summarized results per genomic region of sewage and surface water samples collected during 1987–2000 and 2009–2012 and tested for Aichi virus, the Netherlands*

Sample no. Sampling month Sample type Genotype†
3C VP1
1987-49 July Sewage B B
1987-56 August Surface water B B
1987-75 September Surface water B B
1989-33 April Sewage A, B B
1991-29 April Sewage B A, B
1994-10 February Surface water A A
1995-44 July Surface water B ND
1997-27 May Surface water A ND
1997-31 June Sewage A A
1997-39 June Sewage A B
1998-20 February Surface water A, B A
1998-56 May Sewage A
1998-62 May Sewage A, B A
1999-46 April Sewage CK B
2000-12 February Surface water A ND
2009-011 January Sewage B B
2009-074 May Surface water B B
2009-075 May Surface water B B
2009-064 April Surface water B B
2010-007 January Surface water B B
2010-033 March Surface water B B
2010-210 September Sewage B B
2010-216 October Sewage B B
2011-024 February Sewage CK A
2011-129 May Sewage B B
2011-221 June Sewage B B
2011-579 September Sewage A B
2011-331 August Sewage B, CK B
2012-063 April Surface water ND ND
2012-195 June Surface water ND ND

*VP, viral protein; ND, not detected; CK, canine kobuvirus.
†Result per genomic region.
‡Not clustering with the known genotypes A, B, or C.

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