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Volume 19, Number 9—September 2013


Spread of Neisseria meningitidis Serogroup W Clone, China

Haijian Zhou1Comments to Author , Wei Liu1, Li Xu, Lili Deng, Qiuyun Deng, Jiatong Zhuo, and Zhujun Shao
Author affiliations: National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing, People’s Republic of China (H. Zhou, L. Xu, Z. Shao); State Key Laboratory for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control, Beijing (H. Zhou, Z. Shao); Guangxi Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Nanning, People’s Republic of China (W. Liu, L. Deng, Q. Deng, J. Zhuo)

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Clinical and epidemiologic characteristics of patients with ST11 serogroup W meningococcal disease, China, 2011–2012*

Patient ID Age, y/sex Date of symptom onset Province of onset Patient occupation Outcome Method of diagnosis ST11 W strains from close contacts (no.)
1† 16/M 2011 Feb 12 Guangxi Student Survived Strain isolation/ PCR No
2 19/M 2011 Apr 1 Jiangsu Factory worker Died Strain isolation No
3 19/F 2011 Apr 20 Zhejiang Factory worker Died Strain isolation No
4† 18/M 2011 Apr 27 Guangxi Student Survived Strain isolation/ PCR Yes (8)
5† 46/M 2011 May 4 Guangxi Farmer Survived Strain isolation/ PCR No
6† 22/F 2011 Oct 13 Guangdong Factory worker Survived PCR Yes (1)
7 35/M 2012 Feb 1 Guangdong Factory worker Survived Strain isolation No
8† 23/M 2012 Feb 2 Guangxi Factory worker Survived PCR Yes (1)
9 14/M 2012 Feb 14 Anhui Student Died Strain isolation Yes (4)
10 3/M 2012 Mar 27 Henan Student Survived Strain isolation Yes (2)
11 9/M 2012 Jun 18 Hunan Student Survived Strain isolation No

*ID, identification; ST, sequence type.
†Multilocus sequence typing results were obtained from cerebrospinal fluid but not from strains.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.