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Volume 20, Number 4—April 2014


New Alphacoronavirus in Mystacina tuberculata Bats, New Zealand

Richard J. HallComments to Author , Jing Wang, Matthew Peacey, Nicole E. Moore, Kate McInnes, and Daniel M. Tompkins
Author affiliations: Institute of Environmental Science and Research, Upper Hutt, New Zealand (R.J. Hall, J. Wang, M. Peacey, N.E. Moore); Department of Conservation, Wellington, New Zealand. (K. McInnes); and Landcare Research, Dunedin, New Zealand. (D.M. Tompkins)

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Summary of BLASTn output for contigs from bat guano that show identity to alphacoronaviruses, New Zealand*

Alphacoronavirus gene
No. contigs matching alphacoronaviruses
Range of contig lengths, bp
Highest scoring BLASTn hit recorded against alphacoronaviruses
Nucleotide identity (%)†
Open reading frame 1ab 33 182–1054 8 × 10−93 581/828 (77)
Spike protein 5 580–1629 1 × 10−19 362/551 (66)
Matrix 4 251–840 2 × 10−99 532/746 (71)
Nucleocapsid 4 536–890 6 × 10−6 79/109 (72)

*BLASTn, nucleotide basic local alignment search tool (
†No. nucleotides identical between query and database sequence.

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