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Volume 23, Number 11—November 2017

Long-Term Viruria in Zika Virus–Infected Pregnant Women, Brazil, 2016

Ana Carolina B. Terzian, Cássia Fernanda Estofolete, Rafael Alves da Silva, Denise Cristina Mós Vaz-Oliani, Antonio Hélio Oliani, Cinara Cássia Brandão de Mattos, Luiz Carlos de Mattos, Paula Rahal, and Maurício L. NogueiraComments to Author 
Author affiliations: São José do Rio Preto School of Medicine, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil (A.C.B. Terzian, C.F. Estofolete, R.A. da Silva, M.L. Nogueira); São José do Rio Preto School of Medicine Foundation, São José do Rio Preto (D.C.M. Vaz-Oliani, A.H. Oliani, C.C.B. de Mattos, L.C. de Mattos); São Paulo State University, São José do Rio Preto (P. Rahal)

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Long-term viruria in 13 Zika virus–positive pregnant women, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil, 2016*

Pt. no.
Week of gestation at virus detection
Days until first collection
Sample no., week of gestation/sample type and result/Ct Week of gestation at birth
Adverse newborn outcome
1 16 2 16/S+/ 29.34; 16/U+/ 31.31 17/U+/33 19/U– 22/U+/38.01 24/U– 27/U– 31/U– 36/U+/37.24 38 No
2 4 3 4/S+/ 35.62; 4/U+/ 36.39 6/U– 10/U– 12/U– 17/U– 23/U+/38.21 28/U+/37.63 32/U+/37.58 36/U– 39 NA
3 30 5 30/S+/ 37.33; 30/U+/ 25.08 32/U– 34/U+/35.79 37/U+/36.42 38 No
4 17 4 17/S+/33 18/U– 23/U– 28/U+/38.06 32/U+/37.82 34/U– 36/U+/37.03 39 No
5 27 4 29/S+/ 37.35 31/U+/36.86 33/U– 35/U– 36 Unilateral abnormal OAE
6 14 1 14/S+/ 33.51; 14/U+/ 32.75 14/S–; 15/U+/37.72 21/U– 27/U– 31/U+/36.59 35/U+/36.98 38 No
7 14 39 20/U+/ 38.5 22/U– 27/U+/34.88 31/U– 36/U– 39 No
8 15 6 16/S+/ 37.28; 16/U+/ 34.56 18/U– 23/U+/36.6 27/U– 32/U+/32.68 36/U+/36.64 39 No
9 17 16 18/U– 22/U+/37.58 27/U– 32/U+/37.62 38/S– 38 No
10 21 32 26/U– 28/U– 32/U– 35/U+/ 38.1 37 Subependymal cysts
11 5 12 6/S+/ 37.85 14/U– 19/U– 23/U– 27/U+/37.71 31/U– 35/U– 38 No
12 19 47 25/U+/ 36.87; 25/S– 30/U+/36.81 32/U+/38.2 36/U– 38 No
13 24 41 25/U– 27/U– 31/U+/38.15 36/U+/33.9 37 Unilateral abnormal OAE

*Plus signs (+) indicate positive test results (Ct <38.5) and minus signs (–) indicate negative test results (Ct >38.5 or undetermined) (6). All pregnant women initially tested positive for Zika virus RNA. For some women (patient nos. 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13), data from the initial samples were not available. Ct, cycle threshold; NA, not available; OAE, otoacoustic emissions; pt., patient; S, serum; U, urine.

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