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Volume 23, Number 7—July 2017


Locally Acquired mcr-1 in Escherichia coli, Australia, 2011 and 2013

Justin A. Ellem, Andrew N. Ginn, Sharon C.-A. Chen, John Ferguson, Sally R. Partridge, and Jonathan R. IredellComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Westmead Hospital, Westmead, New South Wales, Australia (J.A. Ellem, A.N. Ginn, S.C.-A. Chen, S.R. Partridge, J.R Iredell); New South Wales Health Pathology, Westmead (J.A. Ellem, A.N. Ginn, S.C.-A. Chen, J.R. Iredell); The University of Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (A.N. Ginn, S.C.-A. Chen, S.R. Partridge, J.R. Iredell); The Westmead Institute for Medical Research, Westmead (A.N. Ginn, S.R. Partridge, J.R. Iredell); John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia (J. Ferguson); Pathology North, Newcastle (J. Ferguson); University of Newcastle, Newcastle (J. Ferguson)

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IncI2 plasmids that carry mcr-1 and are closely related to pJIE2288-1 or pJIE3685-1 from Escherichia coli isolates from separate patients in New South Wales, Australia, 2011 and 2013*

Study plasmid, related plasmids GenBank accession no. Genus and species Source Country Year Insertion sequence
pJIE2288-1 KY795977 E. coli Human urine Australia 2011
pEG430-1 LT174530 Shigella sonnei Human feces Vietnam 2008 Apl1
pHSSH22-MCR1 KX856067 Salmonella Typhimurium Human feces China 2012
pHSSH23-MCR1 KX856068 Salmonella Enteritidis Human feces China 2012 Apl1
pHNSHP45 KP347127 E. coli Pig farm China 2013 Apl1, 683
pHeNE867† KU934208 E. coli Chicken China 2013
pABC149-MCR-1 KX013538 E. coli Human blood UAE 2013 Apl1
pEc_04HAE12 KX592672 E. coli Human blood China 2014 1
pR150626 KY120366 Salmonella Typhimurium Human Taiwan
E. coli

South Korea‡

pJIE3685-1 KY795978 E. coli Human urine Australia 2011
pEC5-1 CP016185 E. coli Chicken liver Malaysia 2013 1
pEC13-1 CP016186 E. coli Pond water Malaysia 2013
pS2.14-2 CP016187 E. coli Chicken feed Malaysia 2013
pEc_20COE13§ KY012274 E. coli Human blood China 2014
pBA77-MCR-1 KX013539 E. coli Human urine Bahrain 2015 1294
pP111 KY120365 Salmonella Typhimurium Pig Taiwan

*UAE, United Arab Emirates; –,no known insertion sequences were identified. Blank cells indicate that the information is not available.
†Carries mcr-1.3 variant (AA111–2GG) encoding MCR-1.3 with a single (Ile38Val) change from MCR-1 (10).
‡This information is assumed from a GenBank entry rather than from a published report.
§This plasmid has many missing or extra nucleotides in homopolymeric regions compared with all other related plasmids.

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