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Volume 23, Number 8—August 2017

Research Letter

mcr-1 and blaKPC-3 in Escherichia coli Sequence Type 744 after Meropenem and Colistin Therapy, Portugal

Marta TacãoComments to Author , Rafael dos Santos Tavares, Pedro Teixeira, Inês Roxo, Elmano Ramalheira, Sónia Ferreira, and Isabel Henriques
Author affiliations: University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal (M. Tacão, R. dos Santos Tavares, P. Teixeira, E. Ramalheira, I. Henriques); Centro Hospitalar do Baixo Vouga-EPE, Aveiro (I. Roxo, E. Ramalheira, S. Ferreira); Instituto de Educação e Cidadania, Aveiro (I. Roxo, S. Ferreira)

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MIC of antibacterial drugs for Klebsiella pneumoniae Kp81, Escherichia coli Ec36, transconjugant E. coli J53::mcr-1, and recipient strain E. coli J53 *

MIC, mg/L (susceptibility)
K. pneumoniae Kp81
E. coli Ec 36†
E. coli J53::mcr-1
E. coli J53
Amikacin ≥64 (R) 16 (R) ­ND ND
Aztreonam ≥64 (R) ≥64 (R) ND ND
Cefepime ≥64 (R) 2 (I) ND ND
Ceftazidime ≥64 (R) ≥64 (R) ND ND
Ciprofloxacin ≥4 (R) ≥4 (R) ND ND
Colistin ≤0.5 (S) 8 (R) 4 (R) 0.5 (S)
Gentamicin ≥16 (R) ≥16 (R) ND ND
Imipenem ≥16 (R) ≥16 (R) ≤0.25 (S) ≤0.25 (S)
Meropenem ≥16 (R) ≥16 (R) ≤0.25 (S) ≤0.25 (S)
Piperacillin ≥128 (R) ≥128 (R) ND ND
Piperacillin/tazobactam ≥128 (R) ≥128 (R) ND ND
Ticarcillin ≥128 (R) ≥128 (R) ND ND
Ticarcillin/clavulanic acid ≥128 (R) ≥128 (R) ND ND
Tigecycline 1.5 (S) 1 (S) 0.25 (S) 0.25 (S)
Tobramycin ≥16 (R) ≥16 (R) ND ND
Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole ≥320 (R) ≥320 (R) ND ND

*MICs were determined by using VITEK2 system AST-N222 (bioMérieux, Marcy-l'Étoile, France), except colistin, for which MICRONAUT MIC-strip (BioConnections, Knypersley, UK) was used, and interpreted according to the European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing ( Shaded rows indicate antibacterial drugs tested for efficacy against each of the 4 organisms. ND, not determined; R, resistant; S, susceptible.
†Strain isolated from the patient in this study.

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