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Volume 24, Number 12—December 2018

Excess Mortality and Causes Associated with Chikungunya, Puerto Rico, 2014–2015

André Ricardo Ribas FreitasComments to Author , Maria Rita Donalisio, and Pedro María Alarcón-Elbal
Author affiliations: Secretaria de Saúde de Campinas, Campinas, Brazil (A.R.R. Freitas); Faculdade de Medicina São Leopoldo Mandic, Instituto de Pesquisas São Leopoldo Mandic, Campinas (A.R.R. Freitas); Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Campinas (M.R. Donalisio); Universidad Iberoamericana, Instituto de Medicina Tropical & Salud Global, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (P.M. Alarcón-Elbal)

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Table 2

Number of deaths from specific causes observed during chikungunya epidemic period, Puerto Rico, July–December 2010–2015, selected according to clinical presentation of severe chikungunya deaths in Réunion Island, 2005–2006*

Cause of death (code)† Difference between 2014 and mean of 2010–2013 Change, %
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Volume depletion, disorders of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance (E86–E87) 117 117 134 122 170 93 48 39
Emphysema (J43) 82 66 76 51 104 70 35 51
Conduction disorders and cardiac dysrhythmias (I44–I49) 155 146 140 154 182 142 33 22
Asthma (J45–J46) 33 45 13 24 53 37 24 84
Pneumonia (J12–J18) 419 401 339 364 402 283 21 6
Other and unspecified diseases of skin and sub-cutaneous tissue (L10–L98) 85 98 81 95 106 90 16 18
Other chronic liver disease and cirrhosis (K73–K74) 61 73 62 58 77 77 14 21
Alcoholic liver disease (K70) 45 37 49 50 58 51 13 28
Other and unspecified heart failure (I50.1–I50.9) 63 60 57 55 71 56 12 21
Diseases of pericardium and acute myocarditis (I30–I31, I40) 3 2 2 4 6 3 3 118
Meningitis and encephalitis (A83–A84, A85.2, G00, G03) 5 3 1 5 5 4 2 43
Congestive heart failure (I50.0) 229 199 207 222 204 162 −10 −5

*See reference (2).
†Except for pneumonia, the causes of death were grouped according to the List of 358 Selected Causes of Death of the National Center for Health Statistics ( Codes are from the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision.

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