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Volume 25, Number 10—October 2019

Edwardsiella tarda Bacteremia, Okayama, Japan, 2005–2016

Shinya KamiyamaComments to Author , Akira Kuriyama, and Toru Hashimoto
Author affiliations: Kurashiki Central Hospital, Okayama, Japan

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Table 2

Clinical characteristics of 26 patients with Edwardsiella tarda bacteremia, Kurashiki Central Hospital, Okayama, Japan, 2005–2016*

Patient no. Age, y/sex Clinical diagnosis Underlying disease Treatment Treatment
duration, d Concurrent organisms (source) Outcome
1 77/M Focus unknown Cerebrovascular disease LVX 3 E. coli, B. fragilis (pus) Recovered
2 79/M Liver abscess Cardiovascular disease CFP/SUL→IPM/CIL→PIP→MEP, CLI→MEM 38 Recovered
3 70/F Cholangitis,
cholecystitis None CFP/SUL 8 Recovered
4 87/M Focus unknown Hepatocellular carcinoma FEP 11 Died at 12 d
5 62/M Mycotic aneurysm,
liver abscess,
osteomyelitis Diabetes mellitus IPM/CIL→AMP, GEN→SAM→VCM, PNP→VCS→PZX 30 Died at 39 d
6 92/F Focus unknown Colon cancer CRO 30 Died at 32 d
7 89/F Focus unknown Colon cancer CRO→MEM 16 Recovered
8 85/F Liver abscess,
enterocolitis Thyroid cancer MEM, CLI→MEM→IPM/CIL 21 Recovered
9 88/F Cholangitis Cholangiocarcinoma IPM/CIL 7 Died at 40 d
10 75/F Cholecystitis None PZX 3 Klebsiella sp.,
E. coli (bile) Recovered
11 101/F Cholangitis None CFP/SUL 10 Recovered
12 61/M Enterocolitis Cardiovascular disease CRO→LVX 10 Recovered
13 58/M Liver abscess Gallbladder cancer、
invasion of liver CFP/SUL→MEM→MIN→AMP, MIN 77 E. faecalis,
E. faecium,
C. freundii, Bacteroides sp. (pus) Recovered
14 84/F Cholangitis Cardiovascular disease,
cerebrovascular disease CRO 6 Recovered
15 83/F Cholangitis Pancreatic cancer CFP/SUL 1 Recovered
16 66/M Liver abscess Pancreatic cancer CFZ→LEX 46 Recovered
17 85/M Enterocolitis Cardiovascular disease CRO→LVX 12 Recovered
18 64/F Enterocolitis Chronic liver disease,
diabetes mellitus CMZ→AMP 13 Recovered
19 74/F Secondary peritonitis Diabetes mellitus CMZ→TZP 27 E. coli,
K. pneumoniae,
S. anginosus,
F. nucleatum (ascites) Recovered
20 63/M Necrotizing fasciitis None MEM, CLI 2 Died at 2 d
21 45/F Liver abscess, cholangitis Pancreatic cancer CFP/SUL→AMP 31 S. anginosus (blood) Died at 45 d
22 65/M Cholangitis, cholecystitis Gastric cancer,
gallstone CFP/SUL→AMP 13 S. gallolyticus (blood) Recovered
23 81/M Cholangitis Gallstone,
esophageal cancer CFP/SUL→AMP 16 Recovered
24 64/M Cholangitis Cholangiocarcinoma, gallstone CFP/SUL→AMP 8 Recovered
25 59/M Focus unknown,
febrile neutropenia Peripheral T-cell lymphoma CZO 12 Recovered
26 60/F Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis,
empyema Chronic liver disease TZP→AMP 5 Died at 6 d

*AMP, ampicillin; B. fragilis, Bacteroides fragilis; CFP/SUL, cefoperazon–sulbactam; C. freundii, Citrobacter freundii; CFZ, cefazolin; CLI, clindamycin; CMZ, cefmetazole; CRO, ceftriaxone; CZO, cefozopran; E. faecalis, Enterococcus faecalis; E. faecium, Enterococcus faecium; E. coli, Escherichia coli; FEP, cefepime; F. nucleatum, Fusobacterium nucleatum; GEN, gentamycin; IPM/CIL, imipenem–cilastatin; K. pneumoniae, Klebsiella pneumoniae; LEX, cephalexin; LVX, levofloxacin; MEM, meropenem; MIN, minocycline; PNP, panipenem; PIP, piperacillin; PZX, pazufloxacin, SAM, ampicillin sulbactam; S. anginosus, Streptococcus anginosus; S. gallolyticus, Streptococcus gallolyticus; Tx, treatment; TZP, piperacillin tazobactam. Arrows indicate the order of antimicrobial drugs used. Blank cells indicate no other concurrent organisms.

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