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Volume 26, Number 2—February 2020

Mycoplasma genitalium Antimicrobial Resistance in Community and Sexual Health Clinic Patients, Auckland, New Zealand

Anna Vesty, Gary McAuliffe, Sally Roberts, Gillian Henderson, and Indira BasuComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Auckland City Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand (A. Vesty, G. McAuliffe, S. Roberts, G. Henderson, I. Basu); Labtests, Auckland (G. McAuliffe)

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Table 2

Position and number of patients with mutations detected in the quinolone resistance–determining regions of the gyrA and parC genes in Mycoplasma genitalium strains from community and SHC patients, Auckland, New Zealand, 2017*

Gene and mutation† Amino acid change No. patients with mutation
Community patients SHC patients All patients References
G285A Met → Ile (95) 1 4 5 (1,9)
Met → Ile (95)
C184T‡ Pro → Ser (61) 3 2 5 (1,9,11)
G241T Gly → Cys (81) 1 0 1 (1,12)
A247C Ser → Arg (83) 1 0 1 (1,3,9,12)
G248T Ser → Ile (83) 2 6 8 (13,9)
T249A Ser → Arg (83) 1 0 1
G259A Asp → Asn (87) 2 0 2 (13,8,9,11)
G259T Asp → Tyr (87) 2 3 5 (1,2,8,10)
C356T‡ Ala →Val (119) 1 0 1 (11)

*Nucleotide position and amino acid changes shown are based on M. genitalium numbering. SHC, sexual health clinic.
†Silent mutations not reported.
‡Fluoroquinolone resistance not determined.

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