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Volume 3, Number 1—March 1997


Cryptosporidiosis: An Emerging, Highly Infectious Threat

Richard L. Guerrant
Author affiliation: University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

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Table 1

Rates of Cryptosporidium infection among immunocompetent and HIV-positive persons in industrialized and developing areasabc

Patients with diarrhea Controls without diarrhea
Industr. 2.2%(0.26%-22%) 0.2%(0%-2.4%)
areas [n=2232/107,329] [n=3/1941]
Developing 6.1%(1.4%-40.9%) 1.5% (0%-7.5%)
areas [n=1486/24,269] [n=61/4146]
Industr. 14%(6%-70%) 0%(0%-0%)
areas [n=148/1074] [n=0/35]
Developing 24%(8.7%-48%) 5%(4.9%-5.3%)
areas [n=120/503] [n=5/101]

aFrom 100 reports of 133,175 patients with diarrhea and 6,223 controls. bRanges given in parentheses. cData from reference (7).

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