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Volume 3, Number 2—June 1997
From the 1st International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses

From the 1st International Conference on Emerging Zoonoses

The Hantaviruses of Europe: from the Bedside to the Bench

Jan Clement*, Paul Heyman*, Paula McKenna*, Paul Colson†, and Tatjana Avsic-Zupanc‡
Author affiliations: *Queen Astrid Military Hospital, Brussels, Belgium; †Centre de Santé des Fagnes, Chimay, Belgium; and ‡University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Classification of old and new PUU-like genotypes, according to respective rodent host and geographic spread.

Rodent reservoir
(Arvicolinae Subfamily) Hantavirus
(geographic spread) Reference
glareolus Puumala (Europe) (43)
rufocanus Tobetsu (Japan) (44)
sibiricus Topografov (Russia) (42)
pennsylvaticus Prospect Hill (N. America) (45)
californicus Isla Vista (N. America) (40)
ochrogaster Bloodland Lake (N. America) Hjelle et
al., unpub-
lished data
arvalis Tula (Eurasia) (39)
rossiaemeridionalis Tula (Eurasia) (39)
fortis Khabarovsk (Eurasia) (46)

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