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Volume 4, Number 2—June 1998


Campylobacter jejuni Strains from Patients with Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Ban Mishu Allos*, Frank T. Lippy*, Andrea Carlsen*, Ronald G. Washburn†, and Martin J. Blaser*‡
Author affiliations: *Vanderbilt University School of Medicine,; ‡The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee, USA; †The Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

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Table 3

Comparison of 125I-C3 binding to Campylobacter jejuni strains

Measure Serotype of C. jejuni strain
O:19 non-O:19
(n = 8) (n = 8)
Counts per minutea 85 +/-51 98 +/- 48
Mean binding ratiob 0.187 +/-
0.116 0.245 +/-

aBacterial cells were incubated with pool 2 normal human serum or heat inactivated normal human serum and 125I-C3 (mean 40,416 [range 20,234-63,503]. cpm) at 37oC for 15 minutes. The cells were centrifuged and washed; net (NHS minus HINHS) 125I binding was measured as counts per minute. p-value = 0.20 (paired T-test, 1-tailed).
bThe mean binding ratio is an average of the ratio of the net counts for each study strain relative to the net counts of the serum-susceptible control (23B). p-value = 0.31 (paired T-test, 1-tailed).

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