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Volume 4, Number 2—June 1998


Clostridium septicum Infection and Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

M. Barnham* and N. Weightman†
Author affiliations: *Harrogate General Hospital, Harrogate, United Kingdom; †Northallerton Friarage Hospital, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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Hemolytic uremic syndrome–associated Clostridium septicum infection

year (ref) Sex,a
age (yrs) E.colib in feces Cl. Septicum isolated from granulo- thrombo- Clinical features–outcome
1988 (8) M, 1 NSd Rash aspirate, PMe blood No Yes Abdominal rash, sepsis, convulsions, cerebritis, necrosis colon—died
England, 1993 (9) M, 4 O157 Blood, PM brain No Yes Convulsions, cerebritis, necrosis colon—died
1993 (10) F, 2 E. coli Blood, cerebrospinal fluid No Yes Sepsis, cerebritis, meningitis, necrosis colon—died
1995 (11) M, 2 O157 Abscess pus No Yes Brain abscess—recovered
England, 1997
(this study) M, 2 O157 Blood No Yes Septic shock—died

a M, male; F, female.
bEscherichia coli.
cAt HUS = at the time that hemolytic uremic syndrome was evident.
dNS, not stated.
ePM, postmortem.

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