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Volume 5, Number 2—April 1999


Air Evacuation under High-Level Biosafety Containment: The Aeromedical Isolation Team1

George W. ChristopherComments to Author  and Edward M. Eitzen
Author affiliations: U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA

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Table 1

Infections and conditions requiring containment care during transport

Arenavirus infection
Argentine hemorrhagic fever (Junin virus)
Bolivian hemorrhagic fever (Machupo virus)
Brazilian hemorrhagic fever (Sabiá virus)
Lassa fever
Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever (Guanarito virus)
Bunyavirus infection
Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever
Filovirus infection
Orthopoxvirus infection
Pneumonic plague until sputum cultures are negative
Any unknown virulent communicable disease pending diagnosis
Suspected biological–warfare—caused infection

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1An earlier version of this paper was presented at the 84th Panel Symposium of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Aerospace Medical Panel, Aeromedical Support Issues in Contingency Operations, Session VII, Control of Communicable Diseases, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1 October 1997.