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Volume 6, Number 5—October 2000


Double infection with a Resistant and a Multidrug-Resistant Strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Stefan Niemann, Elvira Richter, Sabine Rüsch-GerdesComments to Author , Max Schlaak, and Ulf Greinert
Author affiliations: Forschungszentrum Borstel, Borstel, Germany

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Treatment regimens and characteristics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolatesa

Treatment Therapy Susceptibility testing
Months Hospital Regimen Culture Culture obtained Current resistance pattern Time delay (months)b Spoligotype
0 A/B H, R, E,c Z pos. 02/28/96 H, S 2 type I
1 B H, R, Z pos. 03/17/96 H, S 2 type I
2 B H, R, E, Z neg. - - - -
3 B H, R, E, Z neg./pos. - n.d. - n.d.
4 C H, E, Pt pos. 06/06/96 H, S, R, (E), (Rb) 2 type II
5 D R, E, Z pos. 07/12/96 H, S, R, (E), (Rb) 2 type II
6 D E, Z, Rb, Of pos. - n.d. - n.d.
7-12 D E, Z, Rb, Pt pos. - n.d. - n.d.
13 D E, Z, Rb, Pt pos. 03/15/97 H, S, R, E, Rb, Pt 1 type II
14-18 D Z, Pt, Ci pos. 04/25/97 H, S, R, E, Rb, Pt, Z 5 type II
19 D Z, Pt, Rb, Ci pos. - n.d. - n.d.
20-21 D Rb, Ci, Am, Pa pos. - n.d. - n.d.
22-24 D Rb, Ci, Am, Pa, Cl pos. - n.d. - n.d.
25-28 D Rb, Ci, Am, Pa, Cl pos./neg. 02/18/98 H, S, R, E, Rb, Pt Z, Pa 4 type II
29-32 D Rb, Ci, Am, Pa, Cl pos. 06/23/98 H, S, R, E, Rb, Pt, Z, Pa, Am 4 type II
33 D Rb, Ci, Cl, Ca pos. - n.d. - n.d.

aAbbreviations and symbols: H, isoniazid; S, streptomycin; R, rifampin; E, ethambutol; Rb, rifabutin; Pt, protionamide; Z, pyrazinamide; Pa, p=aminosalicylic acid; Am, amikacin; Of, ofloxacin, Ci, ciprofloxacin; Cl, clofazimine; Ca, capreomycin; borderline results are shown in parentheses; pos., positive culture result; neg., negative culture result; n.d., not determined.
b Time between the date on which the specimen was obtained and the date on which the drug-susceptibility pattern was available for the clinician (drug-susceptibility testings were not always performed directly after the cultures were grown but were done retrospectively).
cE was given in the first 4 days of therapy only.

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