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Volume 8, Number 1—January 2002


Primary Liver Abscess Caused by One Clone of Klebsiella pneumoniae with Two Colonial Morphotypes and Resistotypes

Po-Ren Hsueh*, Juinn-Jong Wu†, Lee-Jene Teng*‡, Yee-Chun Chen*, Chuan-Liang Kao*, Shen-Wu Ho*, and Kwen-Tay Luh*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan; †National Cheng-Kung University Medical College, Tainan, Taiwan; ‡National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan;

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Clinical characteristics of two diabetic patients with liver abscess and microbiologic characteristics of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates recovered from them

Patient designation (age, yr/gender) Antibiotic treatment (days) Sources of isolate/ designation Characteristics of isolates
Colonial morphotype Res Resistotype (MIC, mg/mL)a Bio Biotype RAPD pattern
A (42/M) Ceftriaxone (10) Abscess fluid
Imipenem (24) A1 Mucoid 64 4 16 0.12 I a/1
Ciprofloxacin (21) A2 Nonmucoid 128 32 128 1 I a/1
B (66/M) Cefoxitin (10) Abscess fluid
Cefotaxime (15 B1 Mucoid 32 2 4 0.06 I b/2
Cefixime (35) B2 Nonmucoid 128 32 128 0.5 I b/2
Blood samples
B3 Mucoid 32 2 4 0.03 I b/2
B4 Nonmucoid 128 64 256 0.5 I b/2

aAMP, ampicillin; CZ, cefazolin; FOX, cefoxitin, CXM, cefuroxime, CTX, cefotaxime, CRO, ceftriaxone.

RAPD = random amplified polymorphic DNA.

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