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Volume 8, Number 11—November 2002
Tuberculosis Genotyping
Tuberculosis Genotyping Network, United States

Molecular Differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains without IS6110 Insertions

Kerry H. Lok*, William H. Benjamin*, Michael E. Kimerling*Comments to Author , Virginia Pruitt†, Monica Lathan‡, Jafar Razeq‡, Nancy Hooper‡, Wendy A. Cronin‡, and Nancy E. Dunlap*
Author affiliations: *University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Medicine, Birmingham, Alabama, USA; †Alabama Department of Public Health, Montgomery, Alabama, USA; ‡Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Baltimore, Maryland, USA;

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Zero-copy IS6110 Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from previously reported studies, other studies from the National Tuberculosis Genotyping Surveillance Network, and strains from current studya

No./case Spoligotype octal description CDC designation Country of origin Yr reported Source of data
1 N/A N/A India 1993 (10)
3 N/A N/A Hong Kong 1995 (5)
5 N/A N/A India 1995 (5)
3 577767000000011 N/A Asia 1997 (12)
1 777777777760771 0002 Curacao 1999 (13)
1 477776501013071 N/A India 1999 (13)
1 777701002001731 N/A the Netherlands 1999 (13)
1 N/A N/A United States Unpublished Arkansas
1 777777777760700 0202 China Unpublished California
8 777777000000011 0258 Vietnam Unpublished California
1 777603000000011 1682 Vietnam Unpublished California
1 777777600007771 1128 North Korea Unpublished California
1 777777000000011 0258 Vietnam Unpublished Michigan
1 777603002000011 0870 Vietnam Unpublished Texas
1 N/A N/A Vietnam Unpublished Texas
1 000000000003771 0034 N/A 2000 (17)
2 777777000000011 0258 Vietnam 2001 (18)
1 777603000000011 1682 Vietnam 2001 (18)
1 741777000000011 n/a Vietnam 2001 (18)
2 777647000000011 n/a United States 2001 (18)
3 777777000000011 0258 Vietnam 2002 Study isolates 1–3
1 700100000000731 0968 Iraq 2002 Study isolates 4
1 577600000000000 0742 India 2002 Study isolates 5
1 777777777763771 0169 Liberia 2002 Study isolates 6

aCDC; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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