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Volume 8, Number 12—December 2002


Capsule Switching among C:2b:P1.2,5 Meningococcal Epidemic Strains after Mass Immunization Campaign, Spain

Belén Alcalá*, Luisa Arreaza*, Celia Salcedo*, María J. Uría*, Laura De La Fuente*, and Julio A. Vázquez*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Centro Nacional de Microbiología–Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid, Spain;

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Table 1

Distribution and characteristics of B:2b meningococcal strains with different antigenic combinations, Spain

Year Identification no. Antigenic expression Pulse type Clonal lineage by MLSTa
1995 9813 B:2b:P1.2,5 NRb ST1380c
9976 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT7 ST8 (A4)
10034 B:2b:P1.2,5 NR ST1489c
1996 10317 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT7 ST8 (A4)
1997 11261 B:2b:P1.2 PT1 ST8 (A4)
11327 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT7 ST8 (A4)
1998 12344 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT7 ST8 (A4)
12366 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT7 ST8 (A4)
1999 12531 B:2b:P1.2 PT8 ST8 (A4)
12644 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT8 ST8 (A4)
12647 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT8 ST8 (A4)
12792 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT8 ST8 (A4)
12367 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT8 ST8 (A4)
2000 13602 B:2b:P1.2 PT38 ST8 (A4)
13818 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT7 ST8 (A4)
13872 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT4 ST66 (A4)
13903 B:2b:P1.2 NR ST162c
14078 B:2b:P1.2,5 PT4 ST66 (A4)

aMLST, multilocus sequence typing.
bNR, pulse types not related to those found in C:2b:P1.2,5 strains.
cClonal lineage not defined.

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