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Volume 8, Number 2—February 2002


Clinical Significance and Epidemiology of NO-1, an Unusual Bacterium Associated with Dog and Cat Bites

Robyn M. Kaiser, Robert L. Garman, Michael G. Bruce, Robbin S. Weyant, and David A. AshfordComments to Author 
Author affiliations: National Center for Infectious Disease, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA USA;

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Table 1

Characteristics of patients for whom records were available and from whom NO-1 isolates were obtained

Case no. State Gender/
age (yrs) Animal Wound site No. days
ill Sutured Major clinical features Antibiotic
1 MA F/22 Cat Hand 8 Unk. Cellulitis, loss of motion, drainage, fever Improved with cephradine + penicillin (OP)
2 IL M/45 Dog Hand 5 Unk. Purulent drainage, redness and swelling extending up to forearm Cefadroxil (OP); next day admitted to hospital and gradual improvement with ampicillin/sulbactam (IP)
3 IL F/11 Dog Hand 6 Yes Cellulitis, discharge, local increase in temperature Improved with ampicillin + ceftriaxone, local bacitracin (IP)
4 RI F/78 Cat Hand 3 Unk. Cellulitis, decrease movement Antibiotic ointment + amoxicillin/clavulanic acid (OP1); penicillin (OP2); admitted to hospital next evening and gradually improved on ampicillin/sulbactam (IP)
5 SC F/37 Dog Hand 7 Unk. Cellulitis, purulent drainage Cephradine (OP); admitted to hospital and improved on gentamicin + ampicillin (IP)
6 GA M/7 Dog Leg 11 Yes Cellulitis, profuse drainage, fever, red streaking, inguinal adentitis, chills Amoxicillin (OP); improved on penicillin + cefazolin, changed to cephalexin (IP)
7 MA M/61 Dog Arm Unk. Unk. Superficial laceration with streaking Penicillina (OP)
8 CA M/35 Dog Hand 3 Yes Cellulitis, loss of motion Iproved with cefazolin + cephradine (OP)
9 CA F/24 Cat Hand 2 Unk. Cellulitis, purulent discharge, lymphadenitis, tingling sensations Resolved with cefazolin + penicillin (IP);
10 TN F/51 Dog Face 5 Yes Pustule of wound Improved with cephalexin (OP)
11 NV F/56 Cat Arm Unk. Unk. Swelling, lymphadenopathy Dicloxacillina (OP)
12 MI F/21 Dog Hand 3 Yes Cellulitis, impaired range of motion Cefaclor (OP) + improved with cefazolin (IP)

Unk. = Unknown; OP = outpatient; OP1 = outpatient visit 1; OP2 = outpatient visit 2; IP = inpatient.

aIncomplete information on condition of infection following treatment.

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