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Volume 8, Number 3—March 2002


Novel Cryptosporidium Genotypes in Sporadic Cryptosporidiosis Cases: First Report of Human Infections with a Cervine Genotype

Corinne S. L. Ong*†Comments to Author , Diane L. Eisler*, Alireza Alikhani*, Vicki W. K. Fung*, Joan Tomblin‡, William R. Bowie*, and Judith L. Isaac-Renton*†
Author affiliations: *University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia; †BC Centre for Disease Control, Vancouver, British Columbia; ‡BC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd., Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.;

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Analysis of Cryptosporidium isolates collected from 1995 to 1999 from sporadic cases in British Columbia, Canada

Selected isolates Genotype RLFP loci Genes sequenced
TK386 Human ITS1 18S
TK303 Human ITS1 18S
TK324 Human ITS1 18S, COWP
DE340 Human ITS1 18S
MH205 Cervine ITS1, COWP 18S, COWP
TK320 Cervine ITS1 18S, COWP
DE302 Cervine ITS1 18S
MH222 C. meleagridis ITS1 18S
CS33 C. meleagridis ITS1, COWP 18S
VF383 Other novel ITS1 18S
TK348 Other novel ITS1 18S

RFLP = restriction fragment length polymorphism; ITS1 = internal transcribed spacer 1; COWP = Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein.

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