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Volume 8, Number 3—March 2002


Molecular Classification of Enteroviruses Not Identified by Neutralization Tests

Hideyuki KuboComments to Author , Nobuhiro Iritani, and Yoshiyuki Seto
Author affiliations: Osaka City Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences, Osaka, Japan;

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Table 4

Results of re-microneutralization tests with human enterovirus (HEV) monospecific antiserum, Osaka, Japan, 2000

Strain Isolated cells Predicted HEV Serotypea HEV monospecific antiserum
Anti-EV18 Anti- HEV71/BrCr Anti- HEV71/C7
OC/0071 RD-18S EV18b + ND ND
OC/0073 RD-18S EV18 + ND ND
OC/00219 Vero HEV71 ND -- --
OC/00260 Vero HEV71 ND -- --
OC/00261 Vero HEV71 ND -- --
OC/00272 RD-18S EV18 + ND ND

aSerotypes were predicted from the phylogenetic analysis in Figure 1.
b EV18 = echovirus 18; ND = Test not done.

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