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Volume 8, Number 8—August 2002


Hep-2–Adherent Escherichia coli Strains Associated with Acute Infantile Diarrhea, São Paulo, Brazil

Isabel C. A. Scaletsky*Comments to Author , Sandra H. Fabbricotti*, Sueli O. C. Silva*, Mauro B. Morais*, and Ulysses Fagundes-Neto*
Author affiliations: *Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Escola Paulista de Medicina, São Paulo, Brazil;

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Table 1

DNA probes identifying diarrheogenic Escherichia coli pathotypesa

E. coli pathotype Specific for DNA probe description Reference
ETEC LT enterotoxin pCVD403 (1.3-kb BamHI) 13
STp enterotoxin pCVD426 (157-bp PstI)
STh enterotoxin pCVD427 (216-bp EcoRI)
EIEC Invasion pPS55 (2.5-kb HindIII) 14
EHEC Adherence pCVD419 (3.4-kb HindIII) 15
Shiga toxin 1 pJN37-19 (1.142-kb BamHI)
Shiga toxin 2 pNN110-18 (842-bp SmaI-PstI)
EPEC EAF plasmid pJPN16 (1-kb BamHI-SalI) 5
eae gene pCVD434 (1-kb SalI-KpnI) 6
DAEC daaC gene pSLM852 (390-bp PstI) 7
EAEC AA plasmid pCVD432 (1-kb EcoRI-PstI) 12

aETEC, enterotoxigenic E. coli; EIEC, enteroinvasive E. coli; EHEC, enterohemorrhagic E. coli; EPEC, enteropathogenic E. coli; DAEC, diffusely adherent E. coli; EAEC, enteroaggregative E. coli; EAF, EPEC adherence factor; eae, encoding intimin, an outer membrane protein involved in the attaching and effacing lesions promoted by EPEC; daaC, associated with the biogenesis of F1845, a fimbrial adhesin involved in DA; AIDA-I, protein associated with the DA phenotype; AA, aggregative adherence plasmid.

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