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Volume 8, Number 8—August 2002


Phylogenetic Relationships of Southern African West Nile Virus Isolates

Felicity J. Burt*Comments to Author , Antoinette A. Grobbelaar*, Patricia A. Leman*, Fiona S. Anthony*, Georgina V.F. Gibson*, and Robert Swanepoel*
Author affiliations: *National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Sandringham, Johannesburg, South Africa;

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Table 2

Twenty-three West Nile virus isolates, plus Kunjin and Japanese encephalitis virusesa

IsolateYr of isolationSourceLocationGenBank accession no.
HEg 1011951HumanEgyptAF001568
TL 4431952naIsraelAF205881
G 169191955naIndiaAF205885
MP 221959Coquilletidia metallicaUgandaAF001562
PaH 6511965HumanFranceAF001560
ArB 3101967Culex spCARAF001566
ALG-ArDjanet1968Culex spAlgeriaAF001567
AnMg 7981978Coracopsis vasaMadagascarAF001559
AnD 278751979Galago senegalensisSenegalAF001569
ArA 32121981Cx. guiartiIvory CoastAF001561
HB 83P551983HumanCARAF001557
ArMg 9561986Cx. quinquefasciatusMadagascarAF001564
ArMg 9781988Cx. univittatusMadagascarAF001574
HB 63431989HumanCARAF001558
ArD 780161990Aedes vexansSenegalAF001556
ArD 935481993Cx. neaveiSenegalAF001570
097-501996Cx. pipiensRomaniaAF205880
Isr 98-Goo11998gooseIsraelAF205882
KN 38291998Cx. univittatusKenyaAF146082
NY-99, 382-991999Chilean flamingoUSAAF196835
ArNa1047unknownAe. albothoraxKenyaAF001571
JE SA 141954mosquitoesChinaU04522

aNucleotide sequence data were obtained from GenBank for inclusion in the present phylogenetic analysis; na, not available; CAR, Central African Republic.

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