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Volume 8, Number 9—September 2002


Human Metapneumovirus as a Cause of Community-Acquired Respiratory Illness1

Joanne Stockton*Comments to Author , Iain Stephenson†, Douglas Fleming‡, and Maria Zambon*
Author affiliations: *Public Health Laboratory Service Central Public Health Laboratory, London, United Kingdom; †Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester, United Kingdom; ‡Royal College of General Practitioners Surveillance Unit, Birmingham, United Kingdom;

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Clinical information on patients with influenzalike illness and positive Metapneumovirus polymerase chain reaction results, seen by general practitionersa

Case/sex Age (yr) Past medical history Influenza vaccine Clinical signs and symptoms (days symptoms persist/total days ill)
F 46 None No (7/7) febrile respiratory symptoms, sore throat, malaise, and lethargy. Chest clear
F 20 None No (2/7) sore throat, unproductive cough, sternal pain, wheeze. Signs: 37.4°C; chest clear
M 1 None No (4/7) coughing, vomiting. OE: 37.2°C, chest and abdomen normal
F 75 Mild hypertension Yes (4/7) febrile respiratory illness, cough. Signs: 37.4°C, bilateral basal crackles
F 57 COPDb Yes (5/7) coryza, sore throat, thick green sputum. Signs: poor air entry and bilateral crackles
M 65 Mild hypertension No (3/7) cough, upper respiratory symptoms. Chest clear
F 73 None Yes (6/7) cough, green sputum, and dyspnea
M 74 COPDb
IHDb Yes (5/7) cough, malaise, sputum, breathlessness
M 46 None No (6/7) days sore throat, sputum, wheeze, breathlessness
Signs: PEFRb 260 mL/min, wheeze

aAll made a full recovery.
bCOPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; IHD, ischemic heart disease; OE, on examination; PEFR, peak expiratory flow rate.

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1 MZ and JS designed the study; DF and MZ organized the sampling. JS performed the polymerase chain reaction analysis and designed the sequencing strategy. IS collected clinical data. All authors contributed to the writing of the manuscript.