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Volume 9, Number 1—January 2003


Seasonal Dynamics of Anaplasma phagocytophila in a Rodent-Tick (Ixodes trianguliceps) System, United Kingdom

Kevin J. Bown*Comments to Author , Michael Begon*, Malcolm Bennett*, Zerai Woldehiwet*, and Nicholas H. Ogden*
Author affiliations: *University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Table 1

Summary data of the rodents captured and the numbers of attached ticks

Bank voles 
(mean per rodent) Wood mice 
(mean per rodent) Totals 
(ratio, vole:mouse)
No. captures
1,965 (1:2)
No. larvae (mean per rodent)
125 (0.21)
368 (0.27)
493 (0.25) (1:3)
No. nymphs (mean per rodent)
57 (0.10)
30 (0.02)
87 (0.04) (2:1)
No. adult ticks (mean per rodent) 19 (0.03)a 18 (0.01) 37 (0.02) (1:1)

aOne bank vole carried 10 adult female ticks.

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