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Volume 9, Number 2—February 2003


Public Health Surveillance for Australian bat lyssavirus in Queensland, Australia, 2000–2001

David Warrilow*Comments to Author , Bruce Harrower*, Ina L. Smith*, Hume E. Field†, Roscoe Taylor‡, G. Craig Walker§, and Greg A. Smith*
Author affiliations: *Queensland Health Scientific Services, Archerfield, Queensland, Australia; †Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Moorooka, Queensland, Australia; ‡Public Health Services, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia; §Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

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Table 2

Nucleotide differences in the glycoprotein coding/noncoding region of Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV)

Isolate host 4701 4751 4899 4987 5037 5058
Pteropus alectob A G G C G A
Pteropus poliocephalusc A G G C G A
Pteropus alectod C A A T A G
Pteropus alectod C A G T A G
Pteropus scapulatusd C A G T A G
Humand C A G T A G
Pteropus alectoe C A G T A G

aNucleotide position from the Ballina isolate of the pteropid strain of ABLV (8); A, deoxyadenosine; C, deoxcytidine; G, deoxyguanosine; T, thymidine.

bCase study, bat 1.

cCase study, bat 2.

dQueensland Health Scientific Services collection.

eFrom reference 8.

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