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Volume 9, Number 5—May 2003


Vero Cytotoxin–Producing Escherichia coli O157 Gastroenteritis in Farm Visitors, North Wales

Christopher J.I. Payne*Comments to Author , Marko Petrovic†, Richard J. Roberts†, Ashish Paul†, Eithne Linnane†, Mark Walker‡, David Kirby§, Anthony Burgess¶, Robert M.M. Smith*, Thomas Cheasty#, Geraldine Willshaw#, and Roland L. Salmon*1
Author affiliations: *Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre (Wales), Cardiff, Wales; †Department of Public Health, North Wales Health Authority, Mold, Wales; ‡Public Health Laboratory, Bangor, Wales; §Veterinary Laboratory Agency, Aberystwyth, Wales; ¶Isle of Anglesey County Council, Anglesey, Wales; #Public Health Laboratory Service Central Public Health Laboratory, London, UK

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Table 3

Results of multivariable analysis of significant animal contact and food consumed for Bank Holiday attenders only and risk for illness (24 observations)a

OR p value 95% CI
0.42 to 438.71
Goat (high contact)
0.21 to 61.98
Ate ice cream
0.63 to 169.31
Ate cotton candy 38.44 0.07 0.71 to 2,092.60

aOR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.

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1C. Payne designed the case-control study, drew up the questionnaire, and analyzed and wrote up the results. M. Petrovic helped design the questionnaire, organized the data collection, and wrote the sections describing the outbreak and microbiologic findings. R.J. Roberts contributed toward the study and questionnaire design, including devising the method of selecting controls; he also helped in the final drafts of the paper. R.L. Salmon originally conceived the study, commented on the questionnaire design, and helped interpret the findings. T. Cheasty was responsible for confirmation and typing of isolates. G. Willshaw performed DNA-based comparison of strains. Other authors made important contributions to the investigation and control of the outbreak and participated in writing the paper.