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Volume 9, Number 8—August 2003


Severe Tungiasis in Underprivileged Communities: Case Series from Brazil

Hermann Feldmeier*Comments to Author , Margit Eisele*, Rômulo César Sabóia-Moura†, and Jörg Heukelbach†
Author affiliations: *Free University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany; †Mandacaru Foundation, Fortaleza, Brazil

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Table 3

Clinical findings in patients with severe tungiasis (n=16)

Clinical pathology observed Present in patients (%)
Acute local inflammation
16/16 (100)
Chronic local inflammationa
16/16 (100)
Generalized inflammationb
3/16 (19)
7/16 (31)
3/16 (19)
4/16 (25)
Severe itching
16/16 (100)
8/16 (50)
3/16 (19)
Deformation or loss of nails
11/16 (69)
Difficulty in walking
16/16 (100)
Difficulty in grippingc 3/6 (50)

aEdema, desquamation, shining skin, hyperkeratosis with or without deformation of digits.

bEdema and pain of entire foot with or without suppuration.

cSix patients had lesions on the hands.

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