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Volume 10, Number 7—July 2004


Human Metapneumovirus and Severity of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Disease

Isaac Lazar*, Carla Weibel*, James Dziura*, David Ferguson*, Marie L. Landry*, and Jeffrey S. Kahn*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, USA; Co-infection with Human Metapneumovirus

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Comparison between the group of children admitted to PICU with severe RSV disease and the group of children with mild RSV disease

Characteristic PICUa Non PICUa Statistical comparison (p value)b
Median age (range)
7 wk (2 wk–21 mo)
54 wk (10 d–4 y)
Prematurity (%)
5/23 (21.7)
3/23 (13.0)
> 0.1c
21/23 (91.3)
23/23 (100)
Hospitalized (%)
23/23 (100)
8/23 (34.8)
Median CSSf (range)
5 (3–6)
1 (0–4)
< 0.001b
PPVg (%)
17/23 (73.9)
0/23 (0)
RSV/HMPVi co-infection 0/23 (0) 0/23 (0) 1.0

aPICU, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.
cWilcoxon rank sum test.
bχ2 test.
dRSV, respiratory syncytial virus.
eDFA, direct fluorescent antibody screen.
fCCS, clinical severity score.
gPPV, positive pressure ventilation.
hND, non-comparable as patients requiring PPV are admitted to the PICU.
iHMPV, human metapneumovirus.

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