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Volume 11, Number 1—January 2005


Viral Gastroenteritis in Mongolian Infants

Grant Stuart Hansman*†, Minako Kuramitsu*, Chushi Kuroiwa*Comments to Author , Hiromu Yoshida†, Kazuhiko Katayama†, Naokazu Takeda†, Hiroshi Ushijima*, Gungaa Surenkhand‡, and Dugerjav Gantulga‡
Author affiliations: *University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; †National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan; ‡Ministry of Health, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Mongolian infants positive for viral agents of gastroenteritis

Virus Genogroup/genotype Specimen* Symptom† Age (mo.) Sex
Norovirus GI/11 213-3‡ NA 4 F
Norovirus GI/11 214-3‡ NA 24 F
Norovirus GII/6 101-1 None 5 F
Norovirus GII/3 109-1 Diarrhea 6 F
Norovirus GII/6 205-3 NA 5 F
Norovirus GII/3 209-1 Diarrhea 3 M
Norovirus GII/3 317-1§ NA 24 M
Norovirus GII/6 613-1 None 5 M
Norovirus GII/7 613-3 NA 5 M
Norovirus GII/3 609-3§ NA 5 M
Astrovirus GI¶ 121-3 NA 4 M
Astrovirus GI 201-3 NA 5 M
Sapovirus GI 217-1 Diarrhea 1 F

*First 3 numbers before the hyphen refer to the infant; number after the hyphen refers to the week the specimen was collected.
†NA, not available.
‡Two siblings from the same household.
§Only 1 of the siblings from this household was infected.
¶Astrovirus GI = serotype 1.

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