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Volume 12, Number 10—October 2006


Human Prion Disease and Relative Risk Associated with Chronic Wasting Disease

W. John Pape†, Jeri Forster*, C. Alan Anderson‡§, Patrick Bosque‡¶, Patrick Bosque‡¶, Michael Miller#, and Samantha MaWhinney
Author affiliations: *University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado, USA; †Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Denver, Colorado, USA; ‡University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, Colorado, USA; §Denver Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, Denver, Colorado, USA; ¶Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, Colorado, USA; #Colorado Division of Wildlife, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

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Table 1

ICD codes and corresponding event classifications for human prion disease deaths of Colorado residents, 1998–2001*

Death y CWD-endemic county Sex Death age, y CJD status ICD-9/ICD-10 codes† Event classification
1998 No F >70 Probable 046.1 CJD/expanded
Yes M >70 Confirmed 358.9, 507.0, 799.9 None‡
No F 31–55 Confirmed 046.1 CJD/expanded
No M 31–55 Confirmed 046.1 CJD/expanded
1999 No F 31–55 Confirmed A81.0 CJD/expanded
No M 56–70 Probable A81.0, F17.1, I50.0, J44.9 CJD/expanded
No F 56–70 Confirmed G31.9 Expanded
No F >70 Suspected A81.0, G20, R29.8 CJD/expanded
2000 No M 56–70 Suspected A81.0 CJD/expanded
Yes F 56–70 Confirmed A81.0, E86, G93.4 CJD/expanded
Yes M 56–70 Confirmed G31.9, J96.9 Expanded
No F >70 Suspect A81.0, J18.9 CJD/expanded
Yes F 56–70 Suspected G93.4, F32.9, F41.9, J44.9 Expanded
2001 Yes F 56–70 Confirmed A81.0, I46.9 CJD/expanded
No M 56–70 Probable A81.0, I48, I64 CJD/expanded
No F 56–70 Confirmed A81.0, R53, R56.8 CJD/expanded
No M >70 Suspected A81.0, E87.8, G96.9, J18.9, N19, R99 CJD/expanded
No F 56–70 Confirmed G20 None‡
Yes M >70 Suspected I10 None‡
No M 56–70 Suspected A81.0, I46.9 CJD/expanded

*CWD, chronic wasting disease; CJD, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
Boldface codes qualify for at least 1 event definition (Table A1 and Table A2).
‡Codes reported for cases missed on all definitions; 358.9, unspecified myoneural disorder; 507.0, pneumonitis due to solids or liquids, specifically due to inhalation of food or vomit; 799.9, asphyxia, other unknown and unspecified; G20, Parkinson's disease; I10, essential (primary) hypertension.

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