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Volume 12, Number 8—August 2006


Human Metapneumovirus, Australia, 2001–2004

Theo P. Sloots*†‡§1Comments to Author , Ian M. Mackay*†‡1, Seweryn Bialasiewicz*†, Kevin C. Jacob*†‡, Emily McQueen*†, Gerald B. Harnett¶, David J. Siebert§, I. Brent Masters*, Paul R. Young‡, and Michael D. Nissen*†‡§
Author affiliations: *Royal Children's Hospital and Health Service District, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; †Clinical Medical Virology Centre at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; ‡University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; §Queensland Health Pathology Service, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; ¶PathWest Laboratory Medicine, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Table 2

Signs and symptoms noted with human metapneumovirus infection (N = 273)

Clinical feature %
Cough 63
Rhinorrhea 61
Crackles/crepitations 60
Fever 57
Respiratory distress 48
Anorexia 45
Vomiting 39
Wheezing 38
Irritability 31
Tachypnea 30
Lethargy 26
Pharyngitis/tonsillitis 24
Dry mouth 23
Diarrhea 18
Otitis media 15
Noisy breathing 14
Rash 10
Conjunctivitis 7
Cyanosis 4
Apnea 2
Hoarseness 1

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1These authors contributed equally to this study.