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Volume 13, Number 10—October 2007


Novel Variant of Tickborne Encephalitis Virus, Russia

Vladimir A. Ternovoi*, Elena V. Protopopova*, Eugene V. Chausov*, Dmitry V. Novikov†, Galina N. Leonova‡, Sergey V. Netesov*, and Valery B. Loktev*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology “VECTOR,” Koltsovo, Novosibirsk Region, Russia; †Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1, Vladivostok, Russia; ‡Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Vladivostok, Russia;

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Table 2

Individual amino acid substitutions of Glubinnoe/2004 and 205/Sofjin-HO viruses and unique substitutions in comparison with 37 flaviviruses, determined by polyprotein alignment*†

Gene Amino acid substitutions Glubinnoe/2004 → 205 
or Sofjin-HO
Unique substitutions Changed putative cleavage sites Summary of substitutions
205 Sofjin-HO
Viral C No M43 → L; A54 → V;
N64 → K No No 0/3
CTHD A99‡ → V; I108 → V; 
M111 → I; M113‡ → V;
F115‡ → L A99‡ → V; I108 → V; 
M111 → L; M113‡ → V; 
F115‡ → L No Viral C/CTHD (RGKRR/SAA†DW)
anchored C/prM (GM‡TF‡A/ATVRK) 5/5
prM No No No No 0/0
M R210‡ → P R210‡→ P; I246 → M;
I266→ V R210* prM/M (SRTRR/SVLIR‡) 1/3
E K508 → R; I597 → T;
T646 → N; V743 → A A433 → V; T646 → N;
M740 → V; G759 → S No No 4/4
NS1 G780‡ → C; K883 → R;
S951 → P; I1053 → T I1053 → T; V1122 → I No E/NS1 (LGVGA/DVGG‡A) 4/2
NS2A R1180 → K; R1227 → S;
G1250 → S; G1277 → E;
C1311 → Y R1180 → K; R1227 → S;
G1250 → S; G1277 → E;
I1296 → T; A1297 → V No No 5/6
NS2B V1423 → M V1423 → M No No 1/1
NS3 E1563 → D; G1650 → E;
I1673 → S; I1707 → T;
T1828 → S; A1861 → V;
P1948 → Q; V1975 → G;
D1988 → N; A2062 → T D1491‡ → G; S1551 → Y;
E1563 → D; G1650 → E;
I1673 → T; N1731 → S;
T1828 → S; T1869 → A;
P1948 → Q; V1975 → G;
D1988 → N; A2062 → T E1563;
D1988 NS2B/NS3
(RTARR/SD‡LVF) 10/12
NS4A D2143 → E ;V2165 → A D2143 → E; A2173 → G D2143 No 2/2
NS4B M2283 → L; I2314 → M;
A2331 → V; V2349 → I;
A2472 → V M2283 → V; F2347 → L;
S2457 → A M2283 No 5/3
K2625 → R; A2757 → G;
G2758 → D; E3013 → G;
S3014 → F; G3033 → E;
K3074 → R; V3080 → I;
S3187 → G; P3251 → R;
V3260 → I; I3297 → V;
V3342 → I; K3389 → E;
Y3402 → D; N3406 → E
K2526 → R; M2641 → V;
A2757 → G; G2758 → D;
E3013 → G; Y3030 → H;
V3080 → I; R3188 → G;
P3251 → R; I3297 → V;
V3342 → I; V3343 → A;
R3384 → K; K3389 → E;
Y3402 → D; N3406 → E
Total 14 5 53/57

*Position number corresponds to the polyprotein sequence Glubinnoe/2004 of tickborne encephalitis virus (TBEV). CTHD, C-terminal hydrophobic domain.
†The following polyprotein sequences were used for polyprotein alignment: DQ862460 (TBEV, Glubinnoe/2004); ABJ74160 (TBEV, 205); AAN73266 (TBEV, Senzhang); BAB71943 (TBEV, Oshima 5–10); BAB72162 (TBEV, Sofjin-HO); AF 069066 (TBEV, Vasilchenko);AAD34205 (TBEV, Vasilchenko); ABF46836 (TBEV, EK-238); AAO43537 (TBEV, Zausaev); NP_043135 (TBEV, Neudoerfl); AAZ80455 (TBEV, ts-variant of strain 263); AAA86739 (TBEV, 263); Q01299 (TBEV, Hypr); ABB90676 (Spanish sheep encephalitis virus); BB90675 (Turkish sheep encephalitis virus); AAQ91606 (OHFV, Bogolubovka); NP 878909 (OHFV, Bogoluvovska); AAR98531 (OHFV, Kubrin); ABB90677 (Greek goat encephalitis virus); NP_044677 (Louping ill virus);NP_620108 (Langat virus, TP21); AAF75260 (Langat virus, E5); P29837 (Langat virus, TP21);AAQ91607 (Kyasanur forest disease virus); NP_722551 (Alkhurma virus); NP_620099 (Powassan virus);AAL32169 (deer tick virus); ABB90669 (Gadgets Gully virus); ABB90671 (Karshi virus); YP_224133 (Karshi virus); ABE73208 (Karshi virus); ABB90673 (Royal Farm virus); ABB90670 (Kadam virus); ABB90674 (Saumarez Reef virus); ABB90668 (Meaban virus); ABB90672 (Tyuleniy virus); NP_689391). (Montana myotis leukoencephalitis virus).
‡For substitution in cleavage sites.

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