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Volume 13, Number 3—March 2007


Tandem Repeat Analysis for Surveillance of Human Salmonella Typhimurium Infections

Mia Torpdahl*Comments to Author , Gitte Sørensen†, Bjørn-Arne Lindstedt‡, and Eva Møller Nielsen*
Author affiliations: *Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark; †Danish Veterinary and Food Research, Copenhagen, Denmark; ‡Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway;

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Table 2

Clusters identified by MLVA typing that were investigated in the 2-y period, by typing of food and animal isolates and/or patient interviews

Cluster no. and periodNo. Danish isolates (no. Norwegian isolates)Phage type/ PFGE type/ MLVA typeResistance profileDescription of confirmed outbreaks
1. Dec 03–Mar 0416DT104/PFGE014/MLVA133Ampiclilin, sulfomethoxazoleHuman cases from narrow geographic area. Isolate match from local slaughterhouse.
2. Jun–Jul 0421 (1)DT12/PFGE022/MLVA052SensitiveHuman cases from narrow geographic area. Interviews indicated source from local butcher.
3. Aug–Sep 0425 (1)DT12/PFGE022/MLVA056SensitiveHuman cases from narrow geographic area.
4. Aug–Sep 0428NT/PFGE047/MLVA059Ampicillin, streptomycin, tetracylineIsolate match from slaughterhouse.
5. Oct–Dec 049NT/PFGE099/MLVA005 Ampicillin, sulfomethoxazole, streptomycin
tetracyclineIsolate match from imported meat.
6. Jan–Nov 200540DT120/PFGE006/MLVA109 Sensitive
7. Apr–Aug 200515RDNC/PFGE019/MLVA219, MLVA167SensitiveMLVA167 isolate match from pig herd and both MLVA167 and MLVA219 were isolated from meat from the same slaughterhouse.
8. May–Aug 200526DT12/PFGE022/MLVA216 SensitiveHuman cases from narrow geographic area. Isolate match from local slaughterhouse and from local pig herd.
9. Jun–Jul 200512DT104/PFGE014/MLVA238 MR
10. Jun–Oct 200530 (1)DT104/PFGE205, PFGE215/MLVA253, MLVA350, MLVA351, MLVA352 MRInterviews indicated restaurant outbreak. Isolate match from imported beef served as carpaccio in restaurant.
11. Jul–Aug 20059DT136/PFGE208/MLVA266Sensitive
12. Oct–Nov 200522DT193/PFGE084/MLVA301 Ampicillin, sulfomethoxazole, streptomycin, tetracyclineHuman cases from narrow geographic area. Interviews indicated local butcher, and several samples collected from butcher were positive for outbreak profile.
13. Oct–Nov 200511DT104/PFGE014/MLVA203Sensitive
14. Oct–Nov 20057NT/PFGE074/MLVA435Ampicillin, sulfomethoxazole, streptomycin, tetracycline

*MLVA, multiple-locus variable-number tandem repeat analysis; PFGE, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.

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