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Volume 13, Number 4—April 2007

Global Distribution of Panton-Valentine Leukocidin–positive Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, 2006

Anne Tristan*†Comments to Author , Michele Bes*, Helene Meugnier*, Gerard Lina*, Bülent Bozdogan†, Patrice Courvalin†, Marie-Elisabeth Reverdy*, Mark C. Enright‡, François Vandenesch*, and Jerome Etienne*
Author affiliations: *INSERM, Lyon, France; †Unité des Agents Antibactériens, Centre National de Référence des Antibiotiques, Institut Pasteur, Paris; ‡Imperial College London, London, England, United Kingdom;

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Table 1

Geographic distribution of PVL-positive CA-MRSA clones according to their agr-type, ST, and spa type*

agrtype ST (CC) No. (%) spa type(spa CC) No. (%) Location
Other reports in literature
Detected before 2003 Newly detected (this work)
agr1 46 (9.8)
ST8 (8) 25 (54.3) USA (4) Netherlands, France, Spain, N. Norway (23)
Switzerland, French Polynesia Greece (24)
t008 (s) 25 (100.0)
ST59 7 (15.2) USA (4) Netherlands, France, Singapore Taïwan (25)
t437 (8) 6 (85.7)
t216 (8) 1 (14.3)
ST22 (22) 3 (6.5) Netherlands, Germany
t005 (4) 2 (66.7)
t310 (4) 1 (33.3)
ST766 (22) 1 (2.2) Singapore
t1276 (4) 1 (100.0)
ST377 10 (21.7) Netherlands, France, Greece, Switzerland, Australia
t355 (6) 9 (90.0)

t595 (6)
1 (10.0)

agr2 9 (1.9)
ST5 (5) 9 (100.0) France, Switzerland, Algeria
t311 (5) 5 (55.5)
t1277 3 (33.3)

1 (11.1)

agr3 414 (88.3)
ST80 357 (83.2) France, Switzerland (4) Algeria, Singapore, Romania, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Slovenia, Netherlands Denmark (7), Sweden (7), notheren Norway (23), England (26), Finland (27), Libya (28), Croatia (29), Scotland (7), Greece (24)
t044 (1) 333 (93.3)
t131 (1) 9 (2.5)
t376 (1) 8 (2.2)
t639 (1) 2 (0.6)
t237 (1) 1 (0.3)
t1199 (1) 1 (0.3)
t1201 (1) 1 (0.3)
t1206 (1) 1 (0.3)
t1200 (†) 1 (0.3)
ST30 (30) 20 (4.8) New Zealand, Western Samoa (4) Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, China, French Polynesia Sweden (30), Brazil (31), Uruguay (32), England (26), Hong Kong (10)
t019 (2) 17 (75.0)
t021 (2) 1 (5.0)
t318 (2) 1 (5.0)
t1273 (2) 1 (5.0)
ST37 (30) 1 (0.2) Netherlands
t914 (2) 1 (100.0)
ST93 4 (1.0) Australia (4)
t202 (s) 4 (100.0)
ST1 32 (7.7) USA (4) France, Singapore Switzerland (28), Canada (33)
t128 (3) 18 (56.2)
t125 (3) 3 (9.4)
t558 (3) 1 (3.1)
t175 (7) 8 (25.0)
t1274 (7) 1 (3.1)
t1272 (s) 1 (3.1)

*PVL, Panton-Valentine leukodin; CA-MRSA, community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; agr, accessory gene regulator; ST, sequence type; CC, clonal complexes; spa CC, spa clonal complexes.
†Excluded because <3 repeats; s, singleton.

Main Article

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