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Volume 13, Number 6—June 2007


Coronaviruses in Children, Greece

Anna Papa*Comments to Author , Evangelia Papadimitriou*, Luciano Kleber de Souza Luna†, Motassim Al Masri*, Efimia Souliou*, Maria Eboriadou‡, Antonis Antoniadis*, and Sung Sup Park†
Author affiliations: *Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece; †Berhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg, Germany; ‡University General AHEPA Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece;

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Epidemiologic and laboratory data for patients with coronavirus infection, Greece*

Specimen no., HCoV strainAge, sexSample dateSymptomsWBC (cells/ mm3)Granulocytes, %ESR (mm/h)Days in hospitalCoinfection
10/03, 229E3 y, FJun 3, 2003Fever (39°C), cough, pharyngitis10,40087403RSV
16/03, 229E8 y, MJun 14, 2003Fever (41°C), headache, rhinitis, sinusitis18,90086.4304ND
109/03, NL6314 mo, FNov 30, 2003Fever (39°C), cough, severe pneumonia18,70044.08512ND
173/04, NL6310 mo, MFeb 10, 2004Fever (38.5°C), cough, rhinitis, tachypnea, bronchiolitis7,10057.9553ND
185/04, OC4317 mo, FFeb 25, 2004Pharyngitis, rhinitis, respiratory distress, bronchiolitis10,10063.2302ND
12A/06, OC436 mo, FJan 11, 2006Fever (38.8°C), cough, tachypnea, bronchiolitis19,95080.3356RSV
14A/06, 229E7.5 y, MFeb 13, 2006Fever (40.5°C), cough, rhinitis20,60083.1984Mycoplasma pneumoniae

*HCoV, human coronavirus; WBC, white blood cell count; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus; ND, not detected.

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