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Volume 13, Number 6—June 2007


Norovirus Infection in Children with Acute Gastroenteritis, Madagascar, 2004–2005

Dimitrios C. Papaventsis*, Winifred Dove*, Nigel A. Cunliffe*, Patrice Combe‡, Pierre Grosjean‡, C. Anthony Hart*Comments to Author , and Toyoko Nakagomi*†
Author affiliations: *University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom; †Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan; ‡Institute Pasteur, Antananarivo, Madagascar;

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Table 1

Characteristics of viruses from children with acute gastroenteritis in Madagascar*

Identification no. GenBank accession no. Sample† date Age, mo Sex Norovirus PCR Norovirus sequencing EM for
NoV, RV, AV‡
DG6004-Madag04 EF213640 May 2004 14 M GI pos GI-1 Neg
DC2022-Madag04 EF213626 July 2004 14 F GII pos GII novel Neg
DG6003-Madag04 EF213634 Oct 2004 44 M GII pos GII novel Neg
DR0011-Madag04 EF213628 Nov 2004 12 M GII pos GII novel Neg
DR0025-Madag04 EF213625 Nov 2004 17 M GI pos GI-4 Neg
DC2048-Madag04 EF213624 Nov 2004 3 M GI pos GI-3 Neg
DR0023-Madag04 EF213638 Nov 2004 9 F GI pos GI-3 Neg
DR0045-Madag04 EF213627 Nov 2004 19 F GII pos GII novel Neg
DC2054-Madag04 EF213629 Dec 2004 16 M GII pos GII novel Pos
(putative NoV)
DG6020-Madag04 EF213630 Dec 2004 30 M GII pos GII novel Neg
DR0046-Madag04 EF213631 Dec 2004 14 F GII pos GII novel Neg
DT1020-Madag04 EF213632 Dec 2004 12 F GII pos GII novel Neg
DT1032-Madag04 EF213633 Dec 2004 8 M GII pos GII novel Neg
DM4025-Madag05 EF213635 Mar 2005 51 M GII pos GII novel Neg

*EM, electron microscopy, NoV, norovirus; RV, rotavirus; AV, astrovirus; pos, positive; neg, negative.
†Fecal samples.
‡All norovirus-positive samples were negative for AV and RV when tested by reverse transcription–PCR.

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