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Volume 13, Number 7—July 2007


Tickborne Encephalitis, Southwestern France

Bruno Herpe*Comments to Author , Isabelle Schuffenecker†, Jérome Pillot*, Denis Malvy*, Benjamin Clouzeau*, Nam Bui*, Frederic Vargas*, Didier Gruson*, Hervé Zeller†, Marie E. Lafon*, Hervé Fleury*, and Gilles Hilbert*
Author affiliations: *University Hospital of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France; †Institut Pasteur, Lyon, France;

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TBEV diagnosis results*†

Samples Days after clinical onset ELISA TBEV IgM (OD value) ELISA TBEV IgG (OD value) PRNT80 TBEV antibody titers TBEV 
RT-PCR (10) Virus culture
CSF 3 1.15 ND ND Negative ND
CSF 4 ND ND ND Negative Negative
Serum 4 1.07 0.07 ND Negative Negative
Serum 11 1.58 0.4 640 ND ND
Serum 24 1.65 1.82 640 ND ND

*TBEV, tickborne encephalitis virus; IgM, immunoglobulin M; OD, optical density; PRNT80: plaque-reduction neutralization test (80%); RT-PCR, reverse transcription–PCR; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; ND, not done. Boldface type indicates positive values.
†IgM capture and IgG indirect in-house assay were performed to detect IgM and IgG TBEV antibodies. The cut-offs were as follows: IgG cut-off 0.05; IgM cut-off 0.2. A PRNT was performed using the Hypr TBEV strain to determine the titer of TBEV-neutralizing antibodies.

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